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Daisy (RAMEY) BROWN and Samuel Harrison BROWN, Sr.
Parents of Marvin BROWN
Marvin Brown
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Viking Y-DNA I-M253


Jamestown, Virginia

Our Hill family, led by Robert HILL,was among the first settlers of Jamestown, arriving in 1609, two years after the initial settlement.




Plymouth Rock–Ancestor Thomas Rogers was among the first American settlers when he made the famous Mayflower voyage with other pilgrims fleeing religious persecution in 1620. He would die the first winter, but his family would grow every generation, including in West Virginia.


Revolutionary War grave of Lowe BROWN, my 4x-great-grandfather.



5x-great-aunt Mary (Draper) Ingles was captured by Shawnee Indians, escaped, and hiked back to Virginia from Ohio in 1755. Her “Follow The River” ordeal centered around the New and Kanawha rivers. Her parents, my 6x-great-grandparents, George and Eleanor (Hardin) Draper immigrated from Ireland in the 1720’s with their daughter, Martha, my 5x-great grandmother. Eleanor was killed during the abduction, as George was away. Martha’s husband, John Goolman Davidson, also an Irish immigrant, was also killed by Indians 38-years later.

Edith and Gary Brown

This is Gary Wayne BROWN, my uncle, with his mother, Edith, my grandmother. He saw combat in Vietnam. He died last year on my birthday, August 20, and I was very honored to give his eulogy. Agent Orange, a chemical the U.S. used against the North Vietnamese, which killed 400,000, caused 500,000 birth defects, and is still affecting more than a million today, contributed to his death. No, Uncle Gary did not die in Vietnam, but when you are called ‘baby killer’ while being spit in the face at a Chicago airport on your way home… I think part of you dies.


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