Notable Relatives

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We are direct descendants of: Charlemagne (wiki), William the Conqueror (wiki), Alfred the Great (wiki), Robert the Bruce (wiki), Saint Vladimir the Great (wiki), Cunedda (b.386 AD) (wiki), Viking Harald Bluetooth (wiki), and James V of Scotland (wiki). Therefore, we are related to most rulers of England, France, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Russia, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We also descend from the founding kings of Ireland, and Poland. See our connection to Queen Elizabeth II (wiki). See our Royal Family Trees.

Notable family members include: Pocahontas (wiki,) Pope Callixtus II (wiki,) Pope Gregory V (BRUN,)(wiki,) St. Margaret of Scotland (wiki,) St. Arnulf of Metz (wiki,) St. David(wiki,) St. Begga (wiki,) St. Itta (wiki,) St. Eadburh of Winchester (wiki,) St. Edward the Confessor (wiki,) St. Edward the Marytr (wiki,) St. Olaf (wiki,) St. Elgiva (wiki,) St. Canute IV (wiki,) St. Canute Lavard (wiki,) St. Amalberga (wiki,) St. Balthild (wiki,) St. Clotilde (wiki,) St. Edith of Wilton (wiki,) St. Gottschalk (wiki,) St. Matilda of Ringelheim (wiki,) St. Richeza of Lotharingia (wiki,) St. Gondulph of Maastricht (wiki,) and St. Elizabeth of Hungary (wiki,) Lady Godiva (wiki), who rode through the country naked, Mary PERKINS BRADBURY (wiki), a convicted Salem witch, and Preston TURLEY, a preacher who murdered his wife, and was one of Charleston’s last public hangings. The complete rivoting account is told in the rare book that is freely available to view or download here: The Trial, Conviction, Sentence, Confession, and Execution of Preston S. Turley.

Pioneer family members include: Thomas ROGERS (wiki,) John, Joan (HURST) and Elizabeth TILLEY HOWLAND (wiki,) and John HOWLAND (wiki,) Mayflower passengers, (1620 England,) Robert HILL, Jamestown settler, (1609 England,) Mary DRAPER INGLES, Indian escapee, (wiki,) Avis GWINN HINTON, and Catherina HOFFMAN LOUDERMILK, Amish (Mennonite) settler. Distant cousins include Ralph Waldo EMERSON (wiki,) Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW (wiki,) Ray BRADBURY (wiki,) authors, and recording artists Patty RAMEY LOVELESS(wiki,) and Loretta WEBB LYNN(wiki.)

Immigrant family members include: John CARSON and Catharine O’CONNOR CARSON (1850 Ireland,) William BROWN (1730 Scotland,) Robert GWIN (1737 Ireland,) George Joseph YATES (1680 England,) John TURLEY (1690 Ireland,) William MORRIS (1734 England,) Jacob RAMEY (1650 France,) Abraham LEMASTER (1662 France,) Samuel FOX (1750 England,) William LOWE (1710 Ireland,) John Goolman DAVIDSON (1741 Ireland,) George DRAPER (1725 Ireland,) Frederick FRALEY (1740 Germany,) Marcus GHENT (1800 Ireland,) William Thomas TABOR (1640 England,) Randolph HOLBROOK (1710 England,) William JONES (1635 England,) Philip Reinhard EHRHARDT (1723 Germany,) Thomas HIGGINBOTHAM, John CHANDLER (1634 England,) George GILLESPIE (1724 Scotland,) Robert SHAW (1774 Ireland) and many, many more….

Military family members include: James Perry FOX, who died New Years Eve, 1864, near Columbus, Ohio, as a confederate prisoner, Samuel FOX, Robert Gwin, Samuel Gwinn, Andrew WILSON, James MOSS, William LINTON, Thomas KINCAID, Robert Hood YOUNG, his father, William YOUNG, and his father, Robert YOUNG, Eleazor LEMASTER, Zeal CALVERT, Lowe BROWN, William RICHMOND, Issac SMITH, Christopher Columbus TURLEY, Gary BROWN, Joe BROWN, James Russell CLERE, Thomas Lee TURLEY, Elias VICKERS, Joshua MORRIS, William COFFEY, my son, Christopher BROWN, and many others.

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U.S. President Cousins

                                        Thomas Jefferson George Washington

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Western World Leaders Since the Fall of Rome

Click the monarchs and presidents names below to see them in our family tree. Each individual has eight different screen reports (family tree, individual, descendents, etc.) Click “Wiki” to read about their lives according to Wikipedia. Everyone is placed generally within their timeline with their contemporaries. Enjoy!

  Wiki Magnus Maximus (Roman) Wiki Flavius Afranius Syagrius (Roman) Wiki Marcomer
400 Wiki Coel Hen (Britain) Wiki Cunedda Wledig (Wales) Wiki Pharamond
  Wiki Vortigern Wiki Niall of the Nine Hostages (Ireland) Wiki Chlodio
      Wiki Theoderic I (Ostrogoths) Wiki Merovech
      Wiki Attila the Hun Wiki Childeric I
500         Wiki Clovis I King of all Franks
  Wiki Cerdic of Wessex     Wiki Theuderic I
  Wiki Cynric     Wiki Chlodomer I
  Wiki Ceawlin     Wiki Childebert I
  Wiki Ceol     Wiki Chlothar I
  Wiki Ceolwulf     Wiki Chlothar II the Great
  Wiki Cynegils     Wiki St. Arnulf of Metz
600 Wiki Cwichelm Wiki Muhammad (Islam) Wiki Dagobert I
  Wiki Cenwalh     Wiki Pepin of Landen
  Wiki Penda of Mercia     Wiki Ansegisel
  Wiki Seaxburh        
  Wiki Cenfus        
  Wiki Aescwine        
  Wiki Centwine        
  Wiki Caedwalla        
700 Wiki Ine     Wiki Pepin of Herstal
  Wiki Aethelheard     Wiki Charles Martel the Hammer
  Wiki Cuthred        
  Wiki Sigeberht Wiki Sigurd Hring (Sweden) Wiki Pepin the Younger
  Wiki Cynewulf Wiki Ragnar Lodbrok (Sweden) Wiki Carloman I
  Wiki Offa of Mercia Wiki Pepin of Italy Wiki Charlemagne
800 Wiki Beorhtric Wiki Bernard of Italy    
  Wiki Egbert of Wessex     Wiki Louis I the Pious
  Wiki Aethelwulf Wiki Kenneth I (Scotland) Wiki Charles II the Bald
  Wiki Aethelbald Wiki Rhodri the Great (Wales)    
  Wiki Aethelberht Wiki Rurik (Russia)    
  Wiki Aethelred Wiki Harald I Fairhair (Norway)    
  Wiki Alfred the Great Wiki Aedh (Scotland) Wiki Louis II the Stammerer
      Wiki Eochaid (Scotland) Wiki Louis III
      Wiki Giric (Scotland) Wiki Carloman II
      Wiki Donald II (Scotland) Wiki Charles III the Fat
  Wiki Edward the Elder     Wiki Odo of Paris
900 Wiki Aelfweard Wiki Rollo (Normandy) Wiki Charles III the Simple
  Wiki Athelstan Wiki Eric I Bloodaxe (Norway) Wiki Robert I
  Wiki Edmund I Wiki Haakon I the Good (Norway) Wiki Rudolph
  Wiki Edred Wiki Gorm the Old (Denmark) Wiki Louis IV of Outremer
  Wiki Eadwig Wiki Mieszko I (Poland) Wiki Lothair
  Wiki Edgar the Peaceable Wiki Harald II Greycloak (Norway)    
      Wiki Harald Bluetooth (Norway)    
  Wiki Edward the Martyr Wiki Eric the Victorious (Sweden)    
      Wiki Brian Boru (Ireland) Wiki Louis V the Lazy
1000 Wiki Ethelred the Unready Wiki Vladimir the Great (Russia) Wiki Hugh Capet
  Wiki Sweyn Forkbeard     Wiki Robert II the Pious
  Wiki Edmund Ironside Wiki Olaf II Haraldsson (Norway)    
  Wiki Cnut the Great        
  Wiki Harold Harefoot     Wiki Henry I
  Wiki Harthacanute Wiki Duncan I (Scotland)    
  Wiki Edward the Confessor Wiki Macbeth (Scotland)    
  Wiki Harold Godwinson Wiki Lulach (Scotland)    
  Wiki Edgar the Atheling        
  Wiki William the Conqueror Wiki Malcolm III (Scotland) Wiki Philip I the Amorous
  Wiki William II Rufus Wiki Donald III (Scotland)    
      Wiki Duncan II (Scotland)    
      Wiki Edgar (Scotland)    
1100 Wiki Henry I Wiki Alexander I (Scotland) Wiki Louis VI the Fat
  Wiki Stephen of Blois Wiki David I (Scotland) Wiki Louis VII the Young
  Wiki Empress Matilda Wiki Owain Gwynedd (Wales)    
  Wiki Henry II Wiki Malcolm IV (Scotland)    
  Wiki Henry the Young King Wiki William I (Scotland) Wiki Philip II Augustus
1200 Wiki Richard I the Lionheart Wiki Llywelyn the Great (Wales) Wiki Louis VIII the Lion
  Wiki John Lackland Wiki Alexander II (Scotland) Wiki Louis IX the Saint
  Wiki Henry III Wiki Alexander III (Scotland) Wiki Philip III the Bold
1300 Wiki Edward I Longshanks Wiki Margaret (Scotland) Wiki Philip IV the Fair
      Wiki John (Scotland)    
  Wiki Edward II Wiki Robert I the Bruce (Scotland) Wiki Louis X the Quarreller
          Wiki John I the Posthumous
          Wiki Philip V the Tall
          Wiki Charles IV the Fair
  Wiki Edward III Wiki David II (Scotland) Wiki Philip VI of Valois
      Wiki Edward Balliol (Scotland) Wiki John II the Good
  Wiki Richard II Wiki Robert II (Scotland) Wiki Charles V the Wise
1400 Wiki Henry IV Wiki Robert III (Scotland) Wiki Charles VI the Beloved, Mad
  Wiki Henry V Wiki James I (Scotland)    
  Wiki Henry VI Wiki James II (Scotland) Wiki Charles VII the Victorious
  Wiki Edward IV Wiki James III (Scotland) Wiki Louis XI the Prudent
  Wiki Edward V Wiki Isabella (Spain) Wiki Charles VIII the Affable
  Wiki Richard III Wiki Manuel I (Portugal)    
1500 Wiki Henry VII Wiki James IV (Scotland) Wiki Louis XII Father of the People
  Wiki Henry VIII Wiki James V (Scotland) Wiki Francis I the Father
  Wiki Edward VI Wiki Mary Queen of Scots (Scotland) Wiki Henry II
  Wiki Jane Grey Wiki Ivan IV the Terrible (Russia)    
  Wiki Mary I Wiki Charles V (Holy Roman Empire) Wiki Francis II
  Wiki Philip        
  Wiki Elizabeth I Wiki Philip III (Spain) Wiki Charles IX
1600         Wiki Henry III
  Wiki James I Wiki Michael I (Russia) Wiki Henry IV
  Wiki Charles I Wiki Philip IV (Spain) Wiki Louis XIII
  Wiki Oliver Cromwell (LP)     Wiki Louis XIV the Great, Sun King
  Wiki Richard Cromwell (LP) Wiki Alexis of Russia    
  Wiki Charles II        
  Wiki James II Wiki Jan III Sobieski (Poland)    
  Wiki Mary II        
1700 Wiki William III        
  Wiki Anne Wiki Peter the Great (Russia)    
  Wiki George I     Wiki Louis XV the Beloved
  Wiki George II        
  Wiki George III Wiki George Washington Wiki Louis XVI the Restorer
      Wiki John Adams Wiki Louis XVII (Claimant)
1800     Wiki Thomas Jefferson Wiki Napoleon I
      Wiki James Madison Wiki Louis XVIII
      Wiki James Monroe Wiki Napoleon II
  Wiki George IV Wiki John Quincy Adams    
  Wiki William IV Wiki Andrew Jackson Wiki Charles X
      Wiki Martin Van Buren Wiki Louis XIX Antoine (Disputed)
      Wiki William Henry Harrison Wiki Henry V (Disputed)
  Wiki Victoria Wiki John Tyler Wiki Louis-Philippe I Citizen King
      Wiki James K. Polk Wiki Napoléon III
      Wiki Zachary Taylor    
1850     Wiki Millard Fillmore    
      Wiki Franklin Pierce    
      Wiki James Buchanan    
      Wiki Abraham Lincoln    
      Wiki Andrew Johnson    
      Wiki Ulysses S. Grant    
      Wiki Rutherford B. Hayes    
      Wiki James A. Garfield    
      Wiki Chester A. Arthur    
      Wiki Grover Cleveland    
      Wiki Benjamin Harrison    
1900     Wiki William McKinley    
  Wiki Edward VII Wiki Theodore Roosevelt    
  Wiki George V Wiki William Howard Taft    
      Wiki Woodrow Wilson    
      Wiki Warren G. Harding    
      Wiki Calvin Coolidge    
      Wiki Herbert Hoover    
  Wiki Edward VIII Wiki Franklin D. Roosevelt    
1950 Wiki George VI Wiki Harry S. Truman    
  Wiki Elizabeth II Wiki Dwight D. Eisenhower    
      Wiki John F. Kennedy    
      Wiki Lyndon B. Johnson    
      Wiki Richard M. Nixon    
      Wiki Gerald R. Ford    
      Wiki Jimmy Carter    
      Wiki Ronald Reagan    
      Wiki George H. W. Bush    
      Wiki Bill Clinton    
2000     Wiki George W. Bush    
      Wiki Barack Obama