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Multiple reports are available for all 40,000+ family members. These reports include:
Pedigree (table) Reports – Traditional “Family Tree” four-generation per page layout. Pedigree (text) Reports – Larger 10-generation trees with less detail. Ahnentafel Reports – Ancestry by generation with more details. Individual Reports – Immediate family group. Descendancy Reports – Summary chart of descendants. Register Reports – Descendants by generation with more details. Index Reports – Individual shown in context of overall index. GEDCOM File Reports – Downloadable data in standard format used by most genealogy computer programs.

Search Tips:
1. Living family members do not include first names or date/place information, but show as “Living SURNAME.” Females are shown by their maiden names. To find a living member of the family it is easier to find a closely related deceased family member then search from there.
2. To search enter Surname, then comma, then Given name, or just Surname. If there is no lastname (i.e. Rollo) first enter a comma, then the onlyname: “, Rollo.” Many royals are listed with a Surname equal to their country, i.e. William the Conqueror is “ENGLAND, William… King of.”
3. Family tree Pedigree reports can be switched to and from 10-generation Text trees, and traditional 4-generation Table trees. Click the underlined “=>” at the edge of a branch to go deeper into the tree. There is a “Printer friendly version” link at the bottom of each report.

Even though great effort has been taken to eliminate errors in the data provided here, errors are sure to remain. Please verify any data that is crucial to you. I have deleted and edited a large amount of data, but you would be surprised how many deletions ended up being essentially true, afterall. The wisdom is this: the details of exactly how we are connected may elude us, but, in the end, have faith, we are all ultimately connected. Enjoy!