BROWN Genealogy includes BROWN ancestors and descendants, GWINN ancestors and descendants, YATES ancestors and descendants, and TURLEY ancestors and descendants. Additionally, my wife’s MARTIN ancestors and descendants, and my children’s maternal ancestors and descendants are included, as well. We are related to saints, scoundrels, royalty, and of course, regular folk. We are recently from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia, and we are of Irish, English, German, French, Welsh, Scottish, Scandinavian, and Native American descent. Advanced testing says our BROWN (I-M253 y-DNA) paternal line from Scotland is of Viking origin. Our GWINN (R1b-M222 yDNA) solves an old origins debate between Wales and Ireland by highly suggesting Ireland, which matches our oldest family records. Our YATES (R1b-U152 yDNA) suggests before Southern England our ancestors could very well have been Roman (Legionaires?) after migrating from the Hallstat/La Tene Cultures near the Alps about 3500 BC. Our TURLEY (W5 mt-DNA) maternal line of German Mennonites can be traced to the Neolithic Indus Valley, which is present day India-Pakistan. Our lineage also includes surnames RAMEY, LEMASTER, CARSON, TREVEY, HILL, MYERS, SLONE, YOUNG, FOX, O’CONNOR, VICKERS, BRIDGE, TABOR, HOLBROOK, JONES, EHRHART, DANIEL, SEXTON, CHANDLER, HIGGINBOTHAM, BRAGG, LASBY, SULLIVAN, GILLESPIE, PRICE, SHAW, KING, DAVIDSON, BECKELHYMER, ROBBINS, FUGATE, CASSIDY, MAUZY, NIXON, RUPPERT, GHENT, WHEELER, ARNOLD, GIBSON, CASTLE, WILSON, LOWERY, HARRAH, RICHMOND, SMITH, MCELWEE, BECK, BROOKINGS, HIGGINS, PARKER, LEE, and EAST, among others.

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Our Civil War Ancestors – 1860

Samuel Harrison BROWN’s family:
1. Low BROWN (65) Mary (TABOR) BROWN (42) and Thomas BROWN (2)
2. Stephen TABOR (70)
3. Wylie HILL (32) Malinda (HOLBROOK) HILL (29) and Nancy HILL (2)
4. Wesley HILL (57) and Mary (ROBBINS) HILL (63)
5. Buck HOLBROOK (60)

Daisy (RAMEY) BROWN’s family:
6. Harrison RAMEY (46) Mahala (JONES) RAMEY (33) and John RAMEY (11)
7. Martha (CASSIDY) RAMEY (80)
8. Benjamin MYERS (54) Rachel (EHRHART) MYERS (49) and Helen MYERS (9)
9. David EHRHART (75)

James Franklin YATES’ family:
10. John YATES (26) Anna (DANIEL) YATES (27) and James Marion YATES (b. 1864)
11. James DANIEL (59) and Elizabeth (WHEELER) DANIEL (53)
12. Polly (BORDERS) DANIEL (70)
13. Harkman SLONE (49) Mary (SEXTON Green) SLONE (20) and Caroline SLONE (b. 1863)
13b. David SEXTON (63) and Lucrecia (GIBSON) SEXTON (57)
13c. George GIBSON (76) and Ruth (LINDLEY) GIBSON (60)
14. Margaret (GHENT) YATES (53)

Sarah Elizabeth (LEMASTER) YATES’ family:
15. Daniel LEMASTER (25) Nancy (CHANDLER) LEMASTER (24) and Henry LEMASTER (1)
16. William LEMASTER (45) and Sally (GHENT) LEMASTER (41)
17. Eleanor (JAYNE) LEMASTER (61)
18. Robert Hood YOUNG (20) Fanny (LEMASTER) YOUNG (19) and Anna YOUNG (b. 1865)
19. William YOUNG (50)
20. William JAYNE (85) and Dorcus (RAMEY) JAYNE (85)
21. Mahala (CASTLE YOUNG) JOBE (51)
22. Benjamin CASTLE (69) and Sarah (SALYER) CASTLE (75)
23. Henry CHANDLER (45) and Jemima (WHEELER) CHANDLER (42)
24. James WHEELER (61)

Samuel William GWINN’s family:
25. Enos GWINN (43) Frances (HIGGINBOTHAM) GWINN (31) and Andrew GWINN (10)
26. Elizabeth (WILSON) GWINN (73)
27. Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM (55) and Rebecca (LOWERY) HIGGINBOTHAM (56)
28. Frances (LINTON) LOWERY (78)
29. James Perry FOX (35, POW, d. 1864) Margaret (BRAGG) FOX (35) and Louisa FOX (10)
30. William FOX (59) and Margaret (HARRAH) FOX (63)
31. Elizabeth (DURHAM) FOX (80)
32. Nancy (RICHMOND) BRAGG (65)

Mary Ellen CARSON GWINN’s family:
33. John CARSON (27) Catharine (O’CONNOR) CARSON (29) and Mary CARSON (b. 1871)
34. William CARSON and Catharine (LASBY) CARSON
35. James O’CONNOR and Catharine (SULLIVAN) O’CONNOR.

Jesse TURLEY’s family:

Christopher TURLEY (31) Susan (GILLESPIE) TURLEY (30) and William TURLEY (8)
37. John TURLEY (56) and Susan (SMITH) TURLEY (54)
38. Samuel GILLESPIE (63)
39. Joseph VICKERS (41) Frances (PRICE) VICKERS (38) and Virginia VICKERS (6)
40. Lucy (BECK) VICKERS (67)
41. Benjamin PRICE (65) and Salinda (BROOKINGS) PRICE (65)
42. Elizabeth (MORRIS) PRICE (71)

Alma Lillian TREVEY TURLEY’s family:

Robert TREVEY (44) Margaret (SHAW) TREVEY (49) and Edward Bascom TREVEY (2)
44. Alexander BRIDGE (25) Harriet (KING) BRIDGE (25) and Virginia Angeline BRIDGE (3)
45. James BRIDGE (52)
46. Elizabeth (EAST) KING (57)
47. Maria (LOUDERMILK) EAST (90)

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Edith (YATES) BROWN and Marvin BROWN, Anne (GWINN) BROWN and John Marlin BROWN, Lillian (TURLEY) GWINN and Joseph Kenneth GWINN, 1962.

Our BROWN-GWINN Family Album

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John K. Brown
John K. Brown is the author of Love Theory of Everything, and Have Faith in Love. Born 1962 in Charleston, West Virginia. Has lived in Hurricane, Saint Albans, and Marietta, Ohio. B.A. Journalism, Marshall University with English and History minors. Former Libertarian Party state chair of West Virginia, and ran for Congress twice. Former director of C.C.D. education at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Saint Albans. Charleston High School class of 1980. All-state soccer, played at University of Charleston, and MU. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity president 1983, nicknamed Shep. Coached youth sports many years, and set up most local youth league websites. Enjoys family activities, sports, bowling, outdoors, reading, and genealogy. Father of three loved children: Allison, Michael and Christopher Brown. Son of John M. and Anne (Gwinn) Brown. An investment broker of 30+ years. Lives in Beckley with wife Lisa (Martin) Brown.

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